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 Chapter two: Romania

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Chapter two: Romania  Empty
PostSubject: Chapter two: Romania    Chapter two: Romania  EmptySun May 12, 2019 1:54 pm

Walking through the archway, Percival walking into an old cathedral, appearing where the doorway was located.  Inside everything seemed to rubbed smooth and any and all furniture was either removed or completely destroyed.

A few minutes later, Lucien came through after attempting to tie a rope to himself so he could be pulled back and having nothing happen as he was anchored there by the rope being held by Daniel and Preston.

A few minutes after Lucien came through, Preston was pushed through by Daniel.

The three of them began to explore the cathedral, finding it has a dis-jointed layout.

In one area they found a naked creature or severely deformed huma, naked and dead with a chunk taken out of one of its legs.

When they climbed the stairs they heard some noises and eventually saw another deformed human/creature who ran away from them, then it made a noise with many other noises made coming from other areas.

Lucien said heard at least 30 distinctly different “voices.”

We decide it wasn’t best to go back down, and checked out the rest of the cathedral.

In another area we found where the altar would have been, the wall behind where the altar would have been was a crudely made “painting” of a woman in white.

Something about the area and the painting reminded Percival of the story he recently read entitled “the Weeping House” and of the daughter who was only referred to as “lady loyalty.”

From there the finished examining the ground floor, then traversed into a lower level that had been blocked by a pile of refuse. As the6 descended the stairs they came to an area which was flooded. There were multiple hallways, an eventually the came across a room where a woman was chained to an onyx slab.

The slab was mostly submerged and has strange carvings on it.

The woman which they thought was dead, was found to be breathing very infrequently and shallowly.

In the room beyond the woman, they found gold bullion hidden under the water.

Preston grabbed two bricks of gold and they, and they made their way upstairs after hearing lots of lots of howling and screaming from the creatures in the cathedral.

Percival returned to the doorway and attempted to walk through it, hitting the door. He then traced the runes that were in the archway upon the doorway Andy attempted to walk through it, hitting the door again.

This time someone knocked on the door, percival knocked back and the unmistakeable voice of someone saying “Montgomery” over and over and chopping sounds at the door.

Eventually a hole opened up in the door, and all three folks climbed through the opening as the last them came through Daniel appeared and stepped on Preston, then fell over, we pulled him through and began helping the man who opened the door for us board the doorway back up.

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Chapter two: Romania  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter two: Romania    Chapter two: Romania  EmptyWed May 29, 2019 1:16 am

We were met by a man in his 30’s who appeared to have lived a very hard life, he took us to his small home, and gave us food and shelter.

He had his sister (as we learned later) fought and she seemed angry with us, and him.

After a translator arrived, Sophia, we learned we were in a rural area of Romanian, not far from the bored to Ukraine. Through her we found that the man who helped us escape the abbey and his family were outcasts,?because they helped take care of the cursed abbey and that Montgomery had not paid them for taking care of it, for at least twenty years. We then took one of the bars of gold Preston had taken from the abbey and have it to the man and his sister which only caused them to argue more.

They let us sleep there for the night and found someone to transport us to the nearest town, on his tractor. The man who was driving the tractor said he would not take us to town unless we met with the Strega, a local mystic/witch. So we went.

As we road there we spoke with Sophia and she told us more about the area were in. And informed us that she was very nervous to meet with the Strega as she found her to be creepy.

Arriving at the Strega’s hovel, we saw an old woman, dressed I little but rags, who was unkempt and missing teeth. She stood in the doorway and said, “she had been expiring us” according to Sophia, them moved straight to Daniel and began talking to him and said he “reminded her of her own son.” She then said she would speak with us one by one.

... tired will complete later...
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Chapter two: Romania
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