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 Performance Art Piece and 2nd Night of the Art Thing

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Performance Art Piece and 2nd Night of the Art Thing Empty
PostSubject: Performance Art Piece and 2nd Night of the Art Thing   Performance Art Piece and 2nd Night of the Art Thing EmptyFri Jun 14, 2019 1:12 am

First, I forgot to mention: (Sorry I was off my game a bit last time)
Going back the next night finds pretty much the same thing except:
Morna isn't there.
There are three more stone carvers there.
One cubical at the exit of the performance hall has a different install:
It has been replaced with lots of moss, rocks, branches, grass, and leaves. It has an open coffin mostly full of moss and dirt partially obscured in it. There is a white mask in the coffin. If you sit in front of the coffin for a few minutes, eyes painted black will open and a lady will partially sit up and raise a cup. Some people just sit there, others put small notes in the cup or change or whatever, and mostly she then sinks back down and closes her eyes. Occasionally she will say something like, "may the goddess bless you" or "natural blessings of the goddess upon you."

Otherwise the exhibit is unchanged.

First night reviews will largely trash the exhibit. Adjectives like, "shallow" and "trite" are often invoked. Other reviews refer to it as messy, unconnected, mish-mash, too much too little, etc.
The AJC will trash it as well, while also featuring an interview with Morna. She doesn't comment on the reviews (possibly the interview was done beforehand) and talks in the interview very little about the actual exhibit but rather focuses on the stone work and craftsmanship. She says that some of the pieces there are finished products, while others are representational of what future finished pieces will be. She plans to do a series of installations around the world featuring the pieces, mostly in parks, office parks, and in front of some properties she owns. She says though the pieces seem dark, they invite reverence and interaction and she believes overall them to be calming and hopefully promote peace through simple brief meditative thoughtful interactions with the pieces.
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Performance Art Piece and 2nd Night of the Art Thing
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